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I do not love God! 11/05/2012

“I do not love God. I never did… And yet, to be so employed of God!” John Wesley, theologian, speaker, founder of the Methodist movement.

What a powerful and honest statement. But is it one we would ever admit to today?

Wesley was 63 at the time he wrote this. He’d preached more than 40,000 sermons, wrote countless books and hymns. How can anyone so dedicated to working for God even utter such words?

I think I know how. I think I know what he was talking about. For if I truly loved God I would have:

  • Served him more and myself less
  • Given more, even though at times I have not had an abundance
  • Lived more of my life for him who gave up his life for me
  • If I truly loved God, I would have taken the time to care for the widow, fed the hungry, and visited those in the hospital and prison, given comfort to the weak and the grieving…
  • If I truly loved God I would have given water to those dying of thirst, even if those dying never knew such water exited or that they were even thirsty.
  • If I truly loved God, I would have realized that all that I have been given is a gift, one that I did not deserve, but was given to me anyway.

If I truly loved God…

Father, thank you for loving us… even if we have been more selfish then giving, more blind than seeing, more about building our work and our kingdom, than yours. Open our hearts and minds to the realization that yes, in the end it is all about what we do with what we have been freely given. Build in our hearts and minds true stewardship- over our time, our talents and our gifts. And let us never forget the gift of your Son, Jesus the Christ, who suffered and died that we might live life’s more freely, more fully, and more committed to building your kingdom here on earth.

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