Heir of Nostalgia Helpful hints…


Not a Kindle reader? That’s okay, you can still get my books!

It’s true – my books are for sale on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Nobel, as well as many brick and mortar book stores.  I have worked very hard to make it possible for everyone, no matter what ereader/app you may have, to read my books.

Here’s how you can read my books on your non-Kindle devices:

  • Buy a copy of my book on Amazon, Smashwords or B&N. It’s very easy to do, and I’ve posted instructions below. Send me a copy of your purchase confirmation email, let me know what format you need, and I’ll get it out to you right away!
  • Use a Kindle app. For those of you on iPads or phones, you might consider downloading the free Kindle app, here.
  • There is another Open-Source App that is amazing as well, and can be used to convert any ebook to any format as needed: Calibre, simply click here.

If none of those options works for you, or you would like me to handle the conversion, please email me.

Buy on Amazon, and read on whatever device you want.

All my books listed on Amazon are in DRM-free versions, which means it is entirely legal to buy my books and convert them to whatever format you need.

However, unless you’re a geek like me, that conversion can be a pain. So, I am offering you a free conversion service. Send me proof of purchase off of Amazon, or any other provider such as B & N, and I will send you a file nicely formatted for any device you need.

For those of you new to Amazon, you can get my books in three easy steps.

  1. Register for an Amazon account if you don’t have one. You’ll only need to do this once. The link to do that is the one that says “Start here” right at the top of the home page at Amazon. Go through the simple registration process, and write down your email and password.
  2. Go to the page on Amazon for one of my books. Over on the right hand side, you’ll see a big orange “Buy for $x.xx” button:

The “Kindle cloud reader” is the default option, and unless you have a Kindle or Kindle app, leave it there. It will deliver your book to a web interface, but that doesn’t matter – you’re not going to read it there.

Click on the buy button. Sign in if you aren’t already logged in, and your book will be delivered. More importantly, you’ll get a confirmation email.”

Send me your proof of purchase email. Forward it to me at heirofnostalgia@gmail.com, and let me know what format you need. I’ll get it to you as quickly as I can!

Lastly, I’d like to offer my huge thanks to all my non-Kindle readers. When I asked many of you whether you’d be willing to go through a few extra steps to get my books, the overwhelming reply was always yes.

Till we meet again in Nostalgia, may your paths bring peace.

Special Bonus… if you’ve read this far there’s a secret that only citizens of Nostalgia can claim.  If you purchase Heir of Nostalgia, in paperback here, and email me a copy of your proof of purchase, you get a free eBook version to do with as you please.  That’s right, a free eBook version of my book to pass along or whatever.  I believe that reading, in whatever format you want, should be yours for the choosing.  You’ve purchased the book, why not enjoy it in paperback or electronic format.  Enjoy!

How do I download books to my Kindle or Kindle Fire?

1.  USB Connection.  Plug your Kindle into the USB slot (small rectangular slot) of your computer using the cable that came with your Kindle (the Kindle Fire doesn’t come standard with the USB cable, so you’ll need to obtain the cable separately, or, use the email option described in #2 below). When you attach your Kindle to your computer via the USB cable, it makes your Kindle appear as a hard drive on your computer. After you purchase the book, from the book’s book page click to download the “Kindle” .MOBI format. Next, navigate to where you see the Kindle show up as a hard drive on your computer. Next, just drop the book’s file (it should end in file name of .mobi) to the Kindle’s “documents” folder. Then disconnect the Kindle from your computer and the book will be ready to read. If you already downloaded the .MOBI file to your computer, here’s a helpful YouTube video that shows how to drag the file from your desktop to the Kindle’s documents folder: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UPOgXDYj3M

2.  Email the Ebook to Your Kindle Email Address:  For both first generation Kindles and the newest Kindle Fire, you can email your .mobi files to your Kindle email address.  Amazon’s support page provides complete details.   To email files to first generation Kindles (Kindles other than the Kindle Fire), click here:   http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=200140600.  For Kindle Fire only,  Click here for how to set up your free Kindle email address, and how to load ebooks or email ebooks to your Kindle Fire using either the email or USB cable method.

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