Heir of Nostalgia- Chapter Zero

Heir of Nostalgia- A Gathering Darkness

Present Drocktrails21ay…

Can’t stop shaking, no matter how hard I try

The air around me cloying, buzzing, twisting in the night.  Scythes of light slice darkness, illuminating madness and chaos.  Death has been here, rendered much here.

Prospered here..

Someone sobs behind me.  Stones scatter and clack.

They are coming for me.

I don’t care.  Let them find me.  Let them end me.  I am death anyway.  Everything I touch, everyone I ever loved, gone.

Only memories remain.

In the distance, ever closer, the scream and wail of sirens approaching, like the world is coming to an end-

In a way it is.

All because of me, what I’d done and hadn’t done.

Should have done!

On my knees, prostrate before my father, his hand outstretched still, reaching for me, pleading, begging for a mercy in death he couldn’t find in life.  He’d been swimming in rivers of blood since 42nd Street and Leo’s, then Kaelynn’s flight, and now this, Central Park burning in the night, littered with corpses.

Acid, burns the back of my throat.  It is all I can do to turn away, gagging and retching, spilling my insides out.

Convulsions course through me, the world spins.

Seems I can’t even die right…

And I wanted to die, oh god how I wanted to die.

In my hand, Jagiello’ blade, at least what remained of it.  The blood-smeared hilt weighs a ton- the weight of the world.  And for what, vengeance?

“You shouldn’t have pushed me,” I scream, “you didn’t have to die here.”  But I had no choice, he forced me.  The words war within me.

‘We all have a choice.’  My mother’s words.

“Maggie…?  ‘Aaron…”  Their names roll off my tongue, but they are gone like everyone else.  Into the grave.

“Damn you!”  I’m scream, the sound echoing back to me from stone and tree, filling the sky like blood spills from the east.

More rocks scatter behind me.

They are getting closer all the time.  And when they find me…

Grinning, “I’ll be ready…”


Author: S.M.Muse

Bestselling author S.M Muse writes, fun, action-packed adventures full of everyday magic, and darker than Mid-night foes. His characters are clever, fearless, and resilient, but in real life, S.M. is afraid of spiders, things that go bump in the night, and roughing it in the great outdoors. Let’s face it. S.M. wouldn’t last ten minutes in one of his books. S.M Muse is best known for his Heir of Nostalgia fantasy series, and soon to be Urban Contemporary thriller, The Summer People. Visit him at http://www.heirofnostalgia@gmail.com

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