Ravens Go On Killing Sprees Across Britain

Interesting article… from May 9th

More than one “unkindness” of ravens has attacked farm animals across Britain, partially eating them alive.
A growing number of farmers across Britain are discovering livestock that have been attacked and eaten alive by groups of ravens.
The large birds, which are protected across the nation, have left many of the animals still alive and in agony after having eaten their eyes, tongues and soft underbellies.
Witnesses told the Western Mail that the birds flock together to attack the animals, either killing them or leaving them with agonizing injuries.
And farmers fear the birds are becoming bolder, attacking adult livestock as well as the young.
“The attacks are so horrific that they’re causing mental suffering to people who find the animals,” Johnny Hall, of the National Farmers Union of Scotland, told the Observer.
Other farming union leaders say the sudden rise in attacks is due to European regulations, which mandate that dead livestock be disposed of in licensed animal disposal facilities instead of being left out for scavengers to feed on.
Ravens traditionally eat such carcasses, but they are also known to prey on small mammals, including dormice, voles and rabbits.

Author: S.M.Muse

Bestselling author S.M Muse writes, fun, action-packed adventures full of everyday magic, and darker than Mid-night foes. His characters are clever, fearless, and resilient, but in real life, S.M. is afraid of spiders, things that go bump in the night, and roughing it in the great outdoors. Let’s face it. S.M. wouldn’t last ten minutes in one of his books. S.M Muse is best known for his Heir of Nostalgia fantasy series, and soon to be Urban Contemporary thriller, The Summer People. Visit him at http://www.heirofnostalgia@gmail.com

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