"And what rough beast, it's hour come round at last- is born!" ~ Yeats

Book One- The Summer People is available on Audible today!


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Chapter One

Sand between his toes, hair tangling in the wind. The sun, warm as a mother’s caress, golden across his skin.

Jake closed his eyes and wondered, ‘How many Once Upon a Times, have started here?’

In the distance, a lonesome seagulls cry.

The air tasted salty, like taffy from a carnival, or a Renaissance Fair.

I wish Mom and Dad were here!

But they weren’t here.

They were close, however. Closer than ever before.

So close I can almost feel them!

To either side stretched shorelines, pencil-thin, coral-colored sands bordered by wrack lines of dark green kelp, and clumps of spindly tall grass-

A shadow falls, crosses his-

“It’s time, isn’t it,” Jake asks, not looking up.

Ash sits down beside him, interlaces her fingers with his. “It is,” she says. “It’s time to go.”

She sounds sad.

Jake rests his head against hers. Her hair is pulled back in a ponytail, and she’s wearing a rough-woven, multi-colored shawl across her shoulders. “I knew it wouldn’t last,” he says. “Nothing like this ever does.”

Life had flown by lately, ever since he found himself in the Lady’s arms next to the Finger and Wall on ‘this’ side-

‘This’ side, with its golden skies, deepest shadows, and endless possibilities. Even now, after all this time, it still sounded so weird to say.

‘This side…’

They were in Landscape, a place Ash, Eli and the ‘Others’ called Pasage, with its radiant skies and fairytale-like lands.  Not him though. He called this place, ‘Not Home.’ As in, ‘not my home because I haven’t seen my home for over two weeks, and my parents for three.’

That kind of ‘not home!’

An entire month, he moaned, completely gone! And what do I have to show for it, nothing but these clothes! He was wearing the all-to-common rough-woven tunic and pants, plain brown, as in blah, blah, blah brown.

The very worst kind of brown!

Man, he missed his cowboy hat and boots!

“You’re missing them again,” Ash said, “I can tell.”

“How,” he asked.

“Because your heart sounds sad,” Ash said.

“That’s because my heart IS sad,” Jake replied. “And it’s going to stay that way until we get everyone back home!”

“I know,” she said, watching the waves surge in, only to break and retreat.

“Hey, guys.” It’s Eli, from the dunes behind them. “Mom says ‘we gotta go,’ like now!”

“Okay,” they chorused, sounding exasperated. Groaning, Jake stood, dusted sand from his hands, and helped Ash up.

As she stood, Ash pulled her shawl tighter. Even with the new change in clothes, the wind from the dunes behind them cut, nearly to the bone. “And the ‘Others’,” she asked.

“Just as eager to go,” Eli said, before retreating into the shadows.

Jake turned. Beyond the grass-topped dunes, he could just make out the remaining vardo’s, their multi-colored roofs muted in the fading light.  “It feels like we just got here,” Jake said. He loved the beach. “I wish we could stay here forever!”

“Me too,” Ash said. “Maybe after all this is done, we can come back. Wouldn’t that be great?”

“Sure,” Jake said. But deep down inside he knew better, they both did.

Where they were going, there was no coming back! 


Breaking News

Update July 2019

Recent Review:
5 out of 5 stars- Visually gripping!
March 15, 2019 Format: Paperback
From page one this book grabs you and refuse to let you loose! The scenic descriptions rival any other. I honestly felt like I was dropped into the world of Jake, Ash and Eli taking part in their adventure. I can’t wait for the next part of this amazing tale!

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But wait, there’s more! During the beta trials, etc. I was contacted by no less than (4) audio book narrators to turn this little beauty, into an Audible Book! (And it doesn’t even have any ratings yet- it’s so new to the world.) All this in less than a day of it’s ‘non-official’ eBook release! As such, I am pleased to announce I have signed a contract with the amazingly talented Rachael Sparrow to produce The Summer People- Book One. (Currently, it looks like late March or early April 2019 for the Audible Release!)

Rachael Sparrow is a voice actor whose voice has been heard on a variety of national commercials, video games, educational training videos and podcasts, from Amazon, Amazon Alexa, Xfinity and Google, to the Video Game Fairy, Cross of Redemption. Voicing “The Summer People” will mark her debut, full-length audio book.

As a Platinum member of voices.com, Rachael’s work was recently spotlighted, and she was interviewed as a mentor for new voice artists.  Rachael is also the proud director of Sing! Voice Studio, where she trains and coaches young singers and actors. Rachael lives with her husband and two children in Bucks County, PA.

I am honored to have her tackle this project, and cannot wait to hear the final product.

Book Description:

Leave it to the Serpent people to steal everything, including Jake’s parents. Determined to find them, he seeks out his next-door neighbors, the Twin’s Ashley and Elijah. Together with Merwin, a mysterious stranger of the Order of Rasputin, they begin a journey of discovery and fear, of a people called the Summer People and their age-old enemies, the sibilant. 
“To create peace the Summer People basically gave up their king,” Ashley said. “put in him shackles and chains, carried him off to the Sibilant homeland, a dark and terrible place with lots of screaming and pain. That’s the only way the Sibilant would stop fighting.” She leaned in then, began whispering. “According to stories, he’s still there today, waiting to be freed. Waiting for a hero to be born.” Eyes narrowing, “Waiting times such as these.”
“Time such as these?” he asked. “What’s so special about these times?”
“You,” Ash replied, eyes narrowing. Grabbing his hand. “It’s you, Jake! He’s been waiting all this time for you!”

Book One- The Summer People!


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